03 May 2011

Our Scoutmob Deal! 50% Off!!

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From Scoutmob:

The Scoop: ’Tis the season to be tan, and some of us may be in hot pursuit of a bronze glow that looks like it came straight from the tropics. But, while a sweet tan might look good for a week, there’s the chance that the sun’s rays will eventually have you looking like a sharpei later in life. Word on the street is that spray tanning is going to leave us smelling like a laboratory and looking like a cast member from that MTV show filmed at a certain shore. Seems like you can’t have your tan and enjoy it, too. If only there was sunless tanning that could provide an even, natural-looking glow that lasted longer than 48 hours and didn’t reek. Wait…there is. True Glow Natural Tan is giving you scouts the chance to try their incredible service (formerly only mobile). You’ll only have to go to Buckhead, but will look like you came from the Bahamas (essentially the same thing, right?).

Scout Notes: Being tan in the late spring/summer is a priority for this scout. And while logging hours in the sun is still something I enjoy, I can’t deny that I’d rather just knock out the bronzing session in five minutes and without the harmful UV rays my mom keeps warning me about. Sisters-in-law Julie and Brooke McGee of True Glow have airbrush tanning down to a science, and not only will they give you the glow you want, but the all-natural formula they use (also known as their “secret sauce”) is firming, smoothing and anti-aging. And because of the high-quality and customized nature of the secret sauce, your tan is going to last longer (a week or more) and look better. It’s almost too good to true. Yet it is true (and that’s right in the name).

Brooke and Julie built their biz from the ground up two years ago and have gained a loyal following from word-of-mouth alone so you know their clients are happy (and tan) campers. It doesn’t hurt that when you book an appointment, you’re going to be in the hands (literally) of Brooke or Julie herself for the most professional experience possible. In a cozy room at the Paisley Umbrella shop, you’ll strip down to whatever you feel comfortable in (or not in) and let one of the girls work their magic in the pop-up Tiki Tanning Tent. After Brooke and I discussed the look I was going for, she custom blended the formula just for me, and then sprayed me down in under five minutes flat. I went on my way, perfectly bronzed and without a scent of funky tan smell or a hint of skin damage. My mom would be so proud.

Airbrushed Spray Tan, $40
By appointment only — call for reservations.

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