About True Glow

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Julie McGee, an Atlanta-based female entrepreneur has been providing a great service of spray tanning through hard work and word of mouth. She had her first spray tan almost 10 years ago now and remembered thinking how great it was to have a smooth even tan without any damage from the sun. Ever since that day she has wanted to bring this service to women and men all over with an unbeatable tanning solution. “After visiting many tanning salons and day spas, I thought it would be so nice to have this service delivered to the comfort of your home so you could avoid having to basically scoot around town with a robe on and pay the high prices these big names can charge. And as for the Spray studios I have opened in Atlanta and surrounding areas, I’ve designed them with intimacy, efficiency and professionalism in mind. It is so rewarding for me to transform someone in minutes and know they really appreciate my service,” she says.

Julie has worked as a model and actress for the past 18 years and in the last few years has been able to tan models and actors to help even out their skin tone for the camera. She has been able to work with names such as Kevin Klein, Queen Latifah and Julianne Hough just to name a few. “Being a part of this industry has given me an opportunity to learn what some of the best spray solutions and techniques are out there! With the experience and excellent tanning colors, we can provide a Hollywood tan for the stars or the perfect sun-kissed glow to make that dress or bathing suit look amazing. Also, my clients tell me everyday that they feel like they look 10 lbs lighter! This is so true with the spray solutions we use. The color and anti-ageing ingredients create the most beautiful skin you could ever imagine!”

True Glow is endorsed by some of Atlanta’s finest medical spas, health and beauty facilities and High end hotels.There are other tanning companies are out there, but True Glow emphasizes healthy sunless tanning with a kick of vitamins and minerals to help boost the skins natural process of cell regeneration. True Glow is not related to any tanning salon with tanning beds. True Glow can travel to your home or office or wherever you need a spray! We welcome girl’s night “in,” bachelorette parties, bridal parties and the like.

True Glow is equipped with the best spray tanning system, solutions, and service. The company uses a cutting edge spray tanning system that is a more improved version of the airbrush spray. With the system, True Glow can deliver flawless and professional results in only minutes. The new spray gun feature distributes an all over even tan, which NEVER looks orange. The Spray Tanning Process itself only takes about five minutes to complete. Always try to allow 8-10 hours so the beautiful glow can develop. Lather on your favorite lotion after your first shower and show off those legs! So take five minutes with True Glow instead of spending hours in the sun damaging your skin, & reap the benefits over and over.

Our Solutions are an all-natural blend of Organic and Anti-ageing ingredients fit for all skin types. We pride ourselves in being achieve the most beautiful shades to blend to anyone’s skin tone. Forget about the strong smell of spray tanning in years past; our solutions are infused with natural oils that will have you relaxed and smelling great!

Julie is also proud to announce that a percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation. She would like to thank all loyal and new clients for helping her make a difference while looking beautiful!

True Glow is in compliance with FDA protective spray tanning guidelines. We recommend to our clients and provide the following protection for the safest spray tan possible: use of protective undergarments, use of nose filters, use of lip balm, and use of protective eyewear.