100% Argan Glow Enhancing Oil
I have been searching the market for a product that will boost my spray tan in between visits, so I can enjoy the non-speckley even color from start to finish.

No smell, no greasiness, and the color you get is perfect and even, while your skin is moisturized by 100% Argan Oil. If your in love the ALL FAMOUS “Face Spray in a Can”, this will be your next favorite must-have product!

How and When to Use:
This product is all natural and safe to use every day, so please customize to your preference.

From my experimenting, I find that by the 4th or 5th day of my spray tan, the color is beginning to fade. This may not be true for everyone, so find the day you see any fading to begin using your Oil.

Step 1- In the Evening before bed, or in the morning before I start my day, I shower and DO NOT exfoliate my skin. After showering, DO NOT apply any lotion, just begin applying the Oil. You can spray directly to the skin, or spray a good amount into the palm of your hand (let it pool in your palm) then begin to rub all over your body until you feel you have saturated all parts. You can try it out on your face, because Argan oil does not clog pores, but I opt out and just use the “Face Spray”.
Step 2- Immediately wipe down your feet (in between toes as well).
Step 3- Wash hands thoroughly!!!!!!!!
Step 4- spray some on the back of your hands (not the palms) so you don’t end up with white hands. BUT, be sure to wash just the palms again and in between fingers as much as possible without wiping off the back of hands.

I know this is super detailed and sounds like a lot, but I promise you will be calling me later asking me the best way to use and how…so I did the research on myself and listed out the steps.
Don’t ya just love me:)))))

Good luck and happy tanning!

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